Dar el Bahr


The Medina of Hammamet is one of the most beautiful in the world, completely surrounded by a wall that defends it from the Mediterranean sea, one would say that it floats on the sea like a ship.

Located on the wall and overlooking the gulf of white and endless beaches, Dar El Bahr is the first large window of this imaginary ship, in which the superb dome of Sidi Bou Hdid, next to the house, rests on the bow.

Adapted to the soft shapes of the Arab coastal constructions, the house maintains a luminous air due to the absolute white that covers traditional walls, domes and floors. The internal floors are completely marble and the crossed arches of some of its rooms are supported on columns recovered from stone and granite in a sensual fusion of Arab, Roman Mare Nostrum and fishing life by the sea.

Taking as inspiration the fabulous summers of the 70s that Hammamet enjoyed the first European travelers, the decoration allows the coexistence of the plastic functionality of Panton with the modest wood painted white musharabía furniture of local crafts.


Dar El Bahr, step by step: A courtyard in the style of Arab houses vertebra the two floors that make up the house. On the street level floor is the suite and a guest room. On the first floor we find the kitchen, another guest room, the dining room, the living room and another small room that in summer is completely open to the outside of the terrace facing the sea and where there is a small pool. The house is crowned by two terraces flanked by the fort and the lighthouse where the view over the bay and the dome of Sidi Bou Hdid is spectacular.

Yard: Entering through the door framed by a beautiful old marble relief, we find the central courtyard of the Arab houses that distributes the rooms, a bench at the entrance and another in the center invite to rest and nap. On this floor you will find the magnificent suite and a guest room. A stone fountain gives soul to space with the soft sound of water; An enormous sculpture representing a tasbih welcomes us at the end of the staircase that leads to the first floor.

Suite room: Two levels make up this space: the sleeping area is made up of two double twin beds, profusely wrapped by a multitude of cushions; has satellite TV; the bathroom area houses a bathtub for up to 4 people with a jacuzzi, a massage bed, a shower, two sinks and a toilet. The spacious suite has a dressing room with shelves, a seat, mirror and wardrobe with safe and a bureau with another seat and with computer and WI-FI internet connection.

 Dining room: It is an experience a breakfast at the oval table of the dining room: it forms in harmony with the arches of the roof and the great arches, cutting out the wonderful view, every different day, of the immense sea. The capacity of the table is up to 12 people, the house has crockery and cutlery for a large number of guests.

Living room: A winter room and a summer room. In winter the meetings are centered next to the central glass window and the warmth of the original drop-shaped chimney, designed ad hoc for this place.For the hot weather, another seating area is surrounded by glass doors to the pool terrace, creating a hybrid interior and exterior space that is very pleasant for the aperitif or to enjoy the wonderful sunsets that the Summer gives us.

 Guest rooms: There are two guest rooms, one on the ground floor and one on the first floor. Both have beds in the Arab style, a space excavated in the wall with canopy and curtains that make the dream a very special moment. Both have their wardrobes with safe, shower, sink and toilet.

Terraces: The location of Dar El Bahr is privileged and also the panorama it offers: the bay, the dome, the fort and the lighthouse. There is a covered and cushioned resting area where you can feel alone before the immensity of the sky and the sea. On moonless nights the vision of the stars is impressive. There is also a bar that serves the area for unforgettable evenings. On another level, the terrace becomes a solarium, two reclining chairs from the sixties invite tan and joy.